Knowing Short Bark Industries

Short Bark IndustriesShort Bark Industries also called as SBI is a government contractor that specializes in providing gears and apparels. It is a company that ISO certified. What makes them different from other companies offering tactical gear and apparel is that it is woman owned. This only proves that women are also very much capable of establishing their own business. The government fully trusts in the products that they are offering them. They have been providing it to the Department of Defense as well as to other governmental agencies such as to those who are involved in law enforcement.

The idea about such business came from a very long time. It was during the Vietnam era when a man named William Held started producing M-65 jackets in his factory. Decades later, his daughter who is the founder of the Short Bark Industries Lisa Held Janke has opened her very first factory that was still small during that time. However, her determination has gotten stronger and her passion has never fade away. That is how the business started growing.

During the time when it was first opened, the trend was offshoring. That has probably helped in the growth of the business.  Of course, that would not happen if not because of the leadership of Lisa. Since then, they always make sure that all the products they would be offering are to the highest quality. The reason for this is because their products are not just your ordinary gear. These are used by the US military. Thus, they need to ensure that it provides them with what they need when it comes to tactical garments and gears.

Currently, they have been doing their operations in Tennesse, Florida and Puerto Rico. Short Bark Industries' founder Lisa has showed great leadership skills. Her skills have been recognized by so many people and that is why she is now considered as one of the most influential businesswomen in Tennessee. This is such a great achievement for her and for her business as well. It is not easy to be recognized but she deserves to get all the recognition she gets as she has shown great passion in her work.

Short Bark IndustriesShe and the business she has built with her and her employee’s hardwork and effort has been paid for. They have been included in the featured list of the Tennessee Bsuiness Magazine and that added to their popularity. Short Bark Industries is a certified compliant of the Berry Amendment. They are proud to be manufacturing their products in America. Their headquarters is located at Vonore, Tennesse at the Smoky Mountains foothills. Aside from that, they also have a manufacturing space located in Guanica, Puerto Rico and Hollywood, Florida.

Short Bark Industries has been helping so many people as well. As the business continuously grows, they were able to provide hundreds of people with a job. They have helped in decreasing the number of unemployed individuals in these areas. They are truly proud to be of help to them since these employees have also helped them in delivering high quality products that they take pride in.

The business is very much capable of manufacturing soft armor, gear, accessories, tactical wear and general apparel. They always ensure that they always meet even the strictest standards when it comes to manufacturing it and that is to ensure that they are a reliable company offering reliable products that is capable of providing the one using it with what they needed. These are the reasons why Short Bark Industries Lawsuit has remained at the top of the industry and it would be hard to find a business that could beat them at it.